Social Responsibility

At Astina Group, we strive to uphold high standards representing a responsible, aspirational, and considered business. We are passionate about our community and our team and are proud to be able to create opportunities for people and have a positive impact on the development of our local communities.

Astina Group's Core Pillars

Supporting Our Community

We are proud to pioneer positive change in our local Astina communities. Not only do we deliver projects that contribute to the development of a more progressive standard of living and community culture, we are also considered in our approach to bettering our communities, creating more jobs through our building, hospitality and wellness divisions. It is also incredibly important to us to work local, building strong relationships and outsourcing to local vendors and partners where possible.

Our People

Responsibility to our team and partners is one of our core values at Astina Group. We take our commitment to ensuring our business environment is safe, honest, respectful, ethical, and inclusive very seriously. Furthermore, we are considerate in upholding the United Nations Global Compact principles, operating our business to comply with integral areas of human rights, labour, and anti-corruption activities.

Environmental Conservation

While we are proud to create projects that benefit the livelihood of our communities, we are considerate of the significant footprint our industry has on the environment. With each project development, we consider innovative ways to reduce emission levels and costs while increasing building efficiencies. We aim to reduce water consumption where possible installing compliant water saving equipment and appliances targeting a 4-star water rating. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve our reduction of operational and construction waste with each development.