Astina partners with AccessAccom to provide new housing opportunities for locals with a disability

Astina partners with AccessAccom to provide new housing opportunities for locals with a disability


Astina partners with AccessAccom to provide new housing opportunities for locals with a disability

Amongst the crowd of developers and builders in the area, local family business Astina Group with the catch-cry of “Pioneering Positive Change” are on a mission to change not just the structure of Penrith, but it’s culture and community too. The opportunity to introduce Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing into ESQ has been a huge achievement for both Astina and AccessAccom, as it has long been the intention of Astina to make a real difference in the lives of people with a disability.

ESQ Penrith is a development that has been designed around buyers who are interested in convenient, comfortable and low-maintenance resort-style living next to one of the largest Leagues clubs in the country. Astina is setting aside 14 purpose-built apartments from Stage 1 exclusively for people who require SDA - going above and beyond in providing SDA apartments.

These units are designed to enable people with very high disablity support needs to integrate seamlessly into society on prime, luxury real estate.

There’s an estimated 28,000 people in Australia who need Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and of this number, 16,000 live in some type of disability housing or aged care facilities. These options generally offer extremely limited choices, independence and can be inappropriate for young people with high disability support needs. For 12,000 people, SDA funding provided through the NDIS, will make accessible housing available to them for the first time – ever.

The apartments will feature wide doorways and circulation space to suit people who use motorised wheelchairs, adjustable cabinetry in the kitchen, accessible bathrooms and provision for other accessible features like hoists and grab rails. State-of-the-art smart home technology will allow residents to open and close doors and blinds, operate lights and heating/cooling and operate connected appliances.

The access to 24/7 onsite support – an extra apartment in the development is being converted into a hub for support workers. This ensures that residents won’t have to worry about getting stuck if the battery in their wheelchair suddenly fails, or they need other unexpected support.

In talking to Director William Schrumpf about this project, it becomes apparent that he is determined to make a difference for people with a disability; “We believe that people with a disability deserve the same opportunities we have, especially when it comes to housing. We’re very fortunate to be in a position now where we can practically do something for people with a disability and we intend to do everything we can to raise the bar.”

“We believe that all Australians, regardless of their abilities, should have the opportunity to live life to the full. And, a big part of that is having a quality home to live in that meets your needs. These luxury apartments are providing that and more, so we are very excited to partner with Astina on this unique SDA offering” said Matt Valenti, AccessAccom’s Managing Director.

So who can actually gain access to these apartments? The accessible apartments in ESQ Stage 1 are available to people who qualify for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding in their NDIS Plan. While the NDIS determines eligibility for SDA funding, it’s new and complex. AccessAccom has a team dedicated to helping you navigate the process to ensure you get a suitable housing response.

“I guess the part that is worth understanding is that there is a constant feedback loop between us and the NDIS and each small change to the NDIS, while sometimes seemingly small, is made nationally and that makes a big difference to a lot of people all at one time.

At AccessAccom, part of what we do as an approved provider of SDA is to take the stress out of the whole process and make sure that the people who need SDA housing get the right outcome.”

If you or someone you know are unsure if you qualify for SDA or not, get in touch with AccessAccom by calling 1800 692 223 to find out if you qualify or to begin the journey.

- Astina


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